Vacating Notice We require a 60-day WRITTEN notice of intention to vacate. This notice needs to be received by the office no later than the 1st day of the month of your final month of tenancy. Failure to do so will result in penalties. Please refer to your lease for exact terms and conditions of your rental agreement.

Security Deposit We collect a security deposit at the lease signing. When you notify us of your intent to vacate, we will provide you with a cleaning checklist to ensure the property is returned to its previous condition. We also recommend you schedule a move-out inspection two weeks prior to your move date. This will allow the manager to look over your rental unit and identify potential red flags that could cause you to lose part of your deposit.  

An additional inspection will occur when you vacate the premises. Any damage identified during this inspection will be repaired at your expense, with deductions coming from the security deposit. 

We will return any remaining funds within 21 days, as mandated by Wisconsin law. Please make sure to inform the office of your forwarding address. Failure to do so will result in your security deposit being mailed to your last known address.

AUTO PAYMENTS If you have your tenant portal on AUTOPAY, please be sure to deactivate your payment one month prior to move-out (example: if you are moving out June 1, cancel auto-payment after May 1).  Solochek Investments does not have access to your portal.  The tenant portal is set up to SEND money.  Solochek Investments does not bill your account. If you do not deactivate your payment on time, your bank will send a payment even if there are no charges to your account.  In the event this happens, Solochek Investments will refund any over payment with your security deposit.  We are not able to stop a payment or transfer funds back into your account.

DISCARDING BULKY ITEMS The sanitation department is no longer disposing of large bulky items. Do not leave them on the curb, in the yard, or in the garbage container - you will be charged. Take them to the dump. The sanitation department number is 414-286-3326. Call them for directions to the nearest drop-off location.

MOVE-OUT CHECK LIST (downloadable PDF)


  • Refrigerator:
    • Move refrigerator away from wall
    • Remove grease and grime off wall behind refrigerator
    • Scrub and mop floor where refrigerator normally stands
    • Clean sides of refrigerator
    • Move refrigerator back in place
    • Defrost freezer and clean
    • Remove and clean all shelves and crisper
    • Clean inside of refrigerator before replacing shelves and crisper
    • Make sure food and dirt are removed from all parts of the gasket (seal around refrigerator/freezer door) 
  • Stove
    • Remove grease and grime off wall and cabinet sides around and behind stove
    • Scrub and mop floor where stove normally stands
    • Move stove back in place
    • Remove grease and grime off range hood
    • Clean range top, front and doors - make sure to lift top of range and clean underneath  
    • Remove grease and grime from oven, including racks and broiler
  •  Cupboards and Drawers
    • Remove all food/debris particles from all surfaces
    • Wash and rinse all shelves and drawers
    • Clean all cabinet doors and drawer fronts inside and outside
    • Remove any and all personal items from cabinets
  •  Light Fixtures
    • Remove all fixtures, clean, replace burnt out bulbs, and put fixtures back in place
  • Baseboards
    • Wash and rinse
  • Work areas and under sink
    • Clean under sink, making sure it is debris and grease free
    • Clean counter tops and sink
  • Floors
    • Scrub and mop all vinyl floors


  • Remove soap scum and stains from tub, tub fixtures and shower rod
  • Clean and shine wall tile around tub areas
  • Scour sink and soap holder
  • Faucets should cleaned and free of mineral deposits
  • Clean vanity cabinet inside and out, including doors
  • Clean inside and outside of medicine cabinet and cabinet door (including mirror)
  • Disinfect, scrub and remove stains from inside and outside of toilet
  • Clean linen closet/shelves and both sides of door
  • Remove light fixture(s), clean, replace burnt out bulbs and put back in place
  • Scrub and mop bathroom floor, making sure to remove dirt
  • Wipe top of radiator and clean, making sure it is free of dust dirt and cleaned underneath

Bedroom/Living Room/Hallways

  • Clean windowsills, frames, tracks, casing and glass
  • Clean closet shelves, rods, tracks, casing and both sides of doors
  • Clean both sides of all doors including casings
  • Remove light fixtures, clean, replace burnt out bulbs, and replace light fixtures
  • Vacuum all carpets
  • Wash all baseboards
  • Scrub and mop all vinyl or tiled areas
  • Wipe top of radiator and clean, making sure it is free of dust dirt and cleaned underneath

If the above items are not taken care of, the cost of doing so will be deducted from your security deposit. We charge $35.00 per man hour, plus any materials needed.


  • Call all utility companies and notify of move-out date
  • Make certain all utility payments are current. Remember you are responsible for all utility payments until the time you return the keys**.
  • Notify Post Office at of your change of address
  • Schedule a final walk through with the building manager
  • Notify the office of your new address. Failure to do so will result in your security deposit being returned to the last known address on file.
  • Return keys to the manager during final walk-through

Note: Please use this as a guide to the items that need to be cleaned. in the above list, not all items may be applicable to your rental unit. If you have questions on cleaning your rental unit, please contact the building manager or call the office at 414-763-3589.